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Kate Gridley sees a world in which emerging adults (the phase of life between adolescence and full fledged adulthood) from all walks of life are recognized, honored and supported to fulfill their human potential. Using painted canvasses, each 30" x 60", and sound portraits, audible through cell phone technology, Passing Through marks moments in which emerging adults transition to realizing their selves and claim their voices.

The seventeen subjects have been coming and going through Gridley’s studio doors for many years. None is afraid to stand up for his/her current set of beliefs. While they do not yet know exactly what they will be doing, or where they are going, Gridley is confident each will contribute something significant to our messy, fragile world, whether on the world stage, in a rural community or urban setting, or in a living room.

A small New England village in Vermont links subjects and artist. For some, it is their birthplace; for others it became home; others came to visit and continue to return because it is home away from home.

Different religious and cultural beliefs, a range of sexual identities and orientations, socioeconomic status, work and travel experiences, failures and successes, family structures and health issues are represented across the seventeen subjects.

Gridley will use Passing Through as a springboard to develop community through curricular connections with local schools, story telling workshops, parallel art exhibits and performances. The installation is scheduled to travel through New England.

Passing Through is made possible by grants from numerous private individuals, and the generous support of The Growald Family Foundation and The Vermont Community Foundation.


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